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Is there any way to?


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Ok I did one of those boo boo things that makes you smack yourself in the head and say DOH!

I was putting in plants and me so smart decided to use gravel in the pot to hold the plant in, well the second it hit the water, all the gravel fell out the hole in the bottom of the pot - in my bare bottom tank :(

Its tall 59 gal and I'm short, even standing on a chair I can't reach the bottom, and I tried using my gravel syphon to get it out, so not working. Is there anyway to get the gravel out without having to drain the tank and clean it out manually? Cause I am not doing that with the tank right now while it's cycling. That darned gravel would just have to stay in there, but I am so mad at myself.

Anyone got any good ideas as to how I can get it out of there?

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well, I have removed gravel from the bottom of my tank by using only the hose part of my gravel vac (take the vac attachment off), this creates a stronger suction and easily picked up the gravel. (just be careful of the fishies while you are doing it ;))

EDIT: I also have the type of vac that hooks up to the sink, so if you just have the siphon kind I don't know if you will get the same amount of suction or not, but it might be worth a try

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