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My Bamboo Shrimp


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Hey guys, today when I fed the tank my bamboo fan shrimp Abelard made a rare appearance. He usually hangs out around the back of this tank because thats where the filter outlet and bubble-wand make the current strongest.

When he lived in the big tank he used to be out in the open more because of the waterflow in there, he was always "surfing" on the tallest plant he could find.

Anyway, here he is, as usual the photos make him look a bit dull because my camera isn't great, but IRL he is a rich reddish orange (unlike the many brown ones I have seen in stores), you can kind of get an idea of his colouring by the fact he almost matches the terracotta pot next to him. He has a really nice white stripe down his back and a white "beauty spot" too, which I didn't capture perfectly, but I was just happy to get a somewhat clear view of him! :


Some serious fan action!


And here is one with a cameo by one of the Assassin snails that live in the tank too:


Eventually he will go and live in the cherry shrimp tank (when that is ever even close to being a reality) but as it is so important to keep fan-feeder shrimp in mature tanks, he is currently chillaxin with the Corydoras

Hope you enjoyed :]

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Thanks guys :]

He is a little over 3 inches now and dont think he will get any bigger. He is very peaceful and takes no notice of the fishes in the tank whatsoever.

They are sometimes sold as Wood shrimp or Malaysian Flower Shrimp, not always as Bamboo shrimp, so maybe you might have seen them under that name? they are often really brown and over-lookable so its easy to miss them really.

Theyre not that common in alot of LFS shops tbh, probably because even though they are not hard to keep, they do have some requirements which are often not ideally suited to time in a LFS.

They really need stable mature water with a strong current. They feed on micro-organisms in the water, and I suspect those are probably killed off by the kind of treatments that LFS use.

Even in reputable chains you usually see these shrimp dull and brown and scrubbing the floor looking for food - a sign they are starving. I think alot of these probably die in LFS tanks before they are sold and so its probably not a priority for them to stock them that often.

Its a shame because I think they are really interesting tankmates and they dont really require any care or attention on your part, you dont even need to feed them if your tank is properly mature, only to make sure your water quality is good and you dont use copper treatments :]

Edith, I Really hope he lives as long as yours did, I have had him for about a year now and he has been a great low maintenance, high-impact addition to both tanks he has lived in!

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thanks guys :D

and yeah Fang, I always end up sneaking some shrimp into my tanks somehow ^^. My excuse is that they help keep everything clean and turned over, especially the plants!

I am 100% a shrimp enabler so I think you should defo get some shrimps ;]

I have -never- seen a ghost shrimp in real life, though, I know they seem quite easily available in america but all we seem to get in most LFS here are Amano/Yamoto Shrimp and Cherry varieties, which I find a little strange.

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he is so awsome!! i just love shrimp i actually wanted shrimp BEFORE fish. i did have 5 amanos in my guppy tank lived about a year but i think when we moved then the tank got a huge leak in it and drained itself beforei was able to notice was too much stress for them and they died. i really want a cherry shrimp tank but want my plants to grow better before i add any

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