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You don't realize how much they change until...


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...you compare photos. Their changes have happened so gradually that I didn't notice until today.

This is Ponyo in February, the day I got her. She was just over an inch in body length.


This is her just last night at about 2 inches in body length. :) She's lost all her black except for a tiny splash on her tail fin. It's not the greatest photo because of all the bubbles but you get the idea..


Then this is Marley, in May, a few weeks after getting her. She was a bit longer in body length than Ponyo, but skinnier.



This is Marley in July.


And this is her last night having lost a good amount of black around her face.


Finally, this is Sachi right after QT.


And Sachi just last night. His stomach has lightened and become more copper colored and he's definitely fattened up :)


Thanks for looking!

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You need to clone Marley for me. Srsly.

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