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Tank Update- Pictuire Heavy


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I've had my tank set up for about a month now, so I just wanted to share some recent photos :-)

I have a number of live plants in the tank now, including several Anacharis, an Amazon Sword, an Oriental Sword, and a Water Sprite. The plants are doing really well, the fish are really not disturbing them, and the Anacharis are really growing like weeds!

My fish seem to be thriving and really growing, especially one gold oranda in particular. The three little 'Chus (don't know if the are Ranchu, Lionheads, or Lionchus) are not developing any headgrowth just yet, but perhaps they are still a bit young? I'm feeding them all Hikari Lionhead pellets, as well as brine shrimp, daphnia, algae, wheat germ, and occasionally cooked peas that I break up into small pieces.



That little 'Chu used to be black and gold! He lost all his black :*(

















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Thanks so much! There are so many cute fish on this site, glad to be a part of it all :-)

I am still in search of a black oranda and a red and black oranda to finish off my fishie family in the Buddha tank. . . I hope I find them soon!

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They're adorable! If they're full-blooded Ranchus, they might never grow much of a wen (which isn't exactly a bad thing because wens tend to be very inviting to bacteria and infections). And it's good to hear that your fish haven't messed with your Anacharis...I bought some Anacharis for my tank a couple of weeks ago, and within days they were nothing but stems. :(

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Your fish seem to be very happy with their tank! Nice set up :) And yeah, on the first picture I already noticed the oranda you were talking about. Haha.

Personally, when I decide on picking goldfish, especially since my tank is indoors, I always assume that the black will go away. That way, I'll have an idea what they'll look like eventually before buying. :)

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Very nice fish, and such a beautiful tank! I absolutely love it :)

Black fish often change to orange or white eventually. Sucks a bit since I love the look of a black and gold fish during the color transition, but especially this is not very stable at all.

Anyway, your fish and tank are beautiful, thanks for sharing! :)

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Thanks guys :-)

The cat is Smoosh, he is the tank guardian and my assistant marine biologist. That was actually his "I'm so sleepy can we please go to bed now?" look.

I am a little bummed that the 'Chu is losing the black, but it will be cool to see how he develops. . . I know now from this forum and a few others that often times young bi-colored fish change to orange or white as they age. Oh well!

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