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Quarantine/Parasite questions - your opinion needed


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Hi there. I am setting up a 55 gallon tank and getting new fish. My plan was to move Fluffy into it, and qt the new fish (10 White Cloud Mountian Minnows) in the old tank. I was going to salt dip the new fish (bucket to bucket method) and then keep them in salt for one week, then Prazi for 4 weeks.

Well last night I discovered that Fluffy has some kind of worms - possibly tapeworm :yikes .

So I wonder if I should just treat everyone together? What do you think?

Should I do this in the 29 gallon (holding 23 gallons of H2O), or in the 55? Water changes will be easier in the 29, and If I treat the tank, I'll hopefully not transfer the parasite over to the new tank when everyone is done with treatment.

Your expert advice is greatly appreciated.


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Personally, I don't think I would do it. 10 new fish with very likely bring nasties with them. You don't know that Fluffy has tapeworms for sure, so why put him through treatment for no reason and also potentially expose him to other pathogens? Is Fluffy alone in the 29 now? If so I would treat him in the 55 and the new fish in the 29.

As for the QT procedure, I am inclined to think salt and prazi is just fine, without the dips. Your new fish are going to be very stressed going from one environment to the other. Dips can be hard on their systems, so why take the risk. Just my thoughts :)

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