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Tropicals everywhere - update!


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Alrighty right! I did some big time fixing up of the tropical tank today. Removed the whisper in tank filter that was on Cid's side and replaced it with a 100gph HOB. Now he has a lot more room, it seems.

Cut some small holes in the divider screen, for some reason the neons are derpier than the other small fish. They manage to get on Cid's side of the "fence" but then can't find back. Now with the little holes they swim back and forth without problems.

I also added the bubble disc. Thanks a lot to Dennis for the tip with the extended soaking! I soaked it for about 10 days (longer than he said lol) and even with the air plugged in, the disc stays on the bottom of the tank. I covered it up with some gravel because I do not like the unnatural look of the disc. It's the Top Fin brand, I guess some of you guys know what it looks like.

I potted my big, pretty java fern, replanted some of the smaller javas which will last for about five more hours, because as soon as it gets dark and Mr. Eight-Inch-Pleco makes his rounds, he will successfully uproot everything he can get his suckermouth on.

The floating, sad looking sword bundles I just let float anymore. They will literally be uprooted within hours, and the small fish seem to like the floating plant bundle.

Anyway, here we go:

No flash full tank view. (To the left is the teles tank)


My beautiful Cid :heart But because he is a naughty boy who likes to fight, he is in single confinement. He is occasionally visited by the platies, neons and cory cats. Even by the big pleco, although here I have no clue how a 7" pleco manages to go back and forth, unless he jumps over the divider...





The other part of the tank. All 12 black neons are still here and healthy. The angelfish do not care for them at all.


Closeup of Lucky


This here is my big, beautiful java fern. This also is the plant, that the "mystery plant" has snuck in on.


The dozen neons, without flash for their natural glow, with flash for details, and a top view




I made an indentation in the gravel below the driftwood. I added a photo with flash for comparison. The flash completely washes out the indentation, which is why I post a lot of non flash photos because these show certain details better - although my plants look radioactive :rofl

Anyway, the cory cats love it!




Moon being cute


Momo is such a beautiful fish :)


The neons feel surprisingly comfortable near the big angels




Angel meetup! My cat had startled the striped angel, so s/he turned solid. I think it is so cool how they do that!


Pleco has problems accepting that he outgrew his favorite cave three inches ago :rofl


Goldie, the marigold platy


Mickey (yellow) and Rocket (gray). These two are always up to something. Mickey is the "alpha platy" with Rocket being second in command. I also have never before seen a platy with such an interesting coloring as Rocket.



Rocky, the male dwarf gourami, was photo-shy today. Lucky photobombing the picture is awesome though LOL


And a video

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Your tank looks absolutely wonderful. Every time I see pictures of your tropical tank, I want to go to the LFS to start my own. But I just fear that I won't have enough time to take care of it in a few months when I transfer colleges. :(

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Thanks everyone!

Shell, you mean Nod, or tropicals in general?

Oh believe me, Cid is a bad boy. He loves measuring strength with the striped angel, and Cid can get really aggressive. A few weeks ago the divider came lose and Cid managed to squeeze through. Within a minute he caused a big abrasion and missing scales on the striped fish's side :( So glad I was home so I could separate them immediately.

But luckily Cid isn't alone. Having about a third of the tank to himself, that's about 18 gallons. And he's not alone all day. Right now 8 of the neons, Lucky and the pleco are over there on his side. He loves to pose and show tries to scare off the striped angel whenever that one comes near the divider :rofl

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I really enjoyed your pics and video. The tank and fish look so beautiful. I used to have angels a long time ago. I've always liked them, though they can be bullies.

But they're so pretty.

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Thanks everyone!

And yeah Dennis, 10 days :rofl The cory cats and black neons add so much life to the tank, I love it! And the platies add color :)

Your angels look amazing. To bad Cid didn't make friends with at least one angel.

I'll actually still try that whenever the small angels are full size. Then I could at least divide the tank in the middle, and cut some more little holes for the little fish to swim through. I am just not sure yet which of the little ones I would try. Moon sure is the more mellow one of the two, s/he never bothers any other fish. I'm not sure though if that would cause peace between Moon and Cid, or would make Cid pick on Moon even more.

I also hate how Cid's tail fin is always frayed. :( I don't know why, I don't know what to do about it. As you see in the pics, it's only the tail. It's like that for months, not getting worse, not getting better. All the other fish's fins are fine, and there is nothing he can get his tail caught/torn on. I tried upping the water change schedule to 50% twice weekly, I tried 0.1% salt for healing.

It was like that before the divider, so it's not due to the smaller space. I originally thought the other angel fish is tearing his fins up, but he's by himself for more than two months and still no change.

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Don't think I would try it with just one angel. Need to spread the aggression around. Mine still do some chasing but seems to be working out so far.

Try some extra water changes maybe a little salt to help the split fins.

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Don't think I would try it with just one angel. Need to spread the aggression around. Mine still do some chasing but seems to be working out so far.

Try some extra water changes maybe a little salt to help the split fins.

I had tried both, but nothing helped. :(

Well, splitting them in half is only gonna happen if the removal of the divider in addition to adding plants and the little ones being fully grown, fails.

If he is still a complete jerk with the striped angel, but comfortable with one of the other angels, I might try to see how splitting them up 2 and 2 works. If that's no good either, he will get his suite at the right side of the tank back where he can try to stare down his reflection in the glass :rofl

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wow all the fish are gorgeous. really cool to see the striped fish as solid in the one pic! i laughed at the cute corys hiding out, what a nice break from work to look at all the photos and the video!! thanks for sharing!!!

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