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heater size for ich treatment

Miss Sadie

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I hope it is ok to post here- same sick fish, new situation.

After my fish broke out with ich and my tank cycle crashed and two died from who-knows-what, and I divided them up between 3 tanks, remaining fish seem to be recovering ok. Four are just fine as long as I don't skip a water treatment, which is 50% 2x daily (12 hours apart) it keeps it between 0-.25% ammonia. So that's good I suppose.

As for the 2 with severe ich, they are in 15 gallons of water at .3% salt. They seem to be doing ok- swimming, eating... besides the fact they are covered in ich. Anyway- to my question;

I was able to borrow a heater, Marineland brand, 300 watts, rated 40-75 gallons, with adjustable temp knob. Would it be ok to try this out and see if I can use it in the 15 gallons of water to raise the temp to 80 degrees? It currently is at 70. Or is that heater just waaaay too big.

I was thinking about setting it up at the crack of dawn so I could keep an eye on it for the whole day so the fish don't accidentally get cooked overnight. I know I don't need the heater, but the tub is on my dining room table and I'd kinda like to get everyone healthy asap and get my kitchen back :P But mostly since all my reading about ich and now that I know what it is, every time I look at my ich fish I imagine all these little scaly white alien (like in alien v.s. predator) monster things swarming after my poor fish, latching on with its claws, then ripping microscopic mouthfuls of flesh from my poor babies! Then they burrow inside, incubate for awhile, and burst forth in a flurry of blood and carnage. After that it settles in the dark crevasses of the bottom of the tub where it starts dividing and multiplying in a horrific display like that of mitosis- hundreds of them- THOUSANDS! Where at last they erupt with the fury of a volcano in a never ending wave- to eat my fishies alive!!! So as you can imagine I am rather upset with the whole idea and 1 week of heat sounds a lot nicer than 3 weeks without it.

Thank you in advance for any advice, and thanks to those who answered my previous questions, gave me extra advice, and ultimately saved my fish's lives- my husband and I are so grateful!

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It shouldn't hurt anything as it's always good practice to buy a larger capacity heater than to purchase a heater that can't handle maintaining your temperature. Marineland heaters are pretty reliable and once it reaches your required temp of 80° your heater should have no problem keeping that temperature. :thumb:

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