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Test Tube Rack


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In our house, there are a lot of API test tubes. I have a goldfish, and my husband has a saltwater tank, and we both test our parameters each week (sometimes more!), each using our own test tubes. That many test tubes can get kind of cluttery. Especially while we're waiting for them to dry after their post-test hose-down. We fixed that this weekend with a DIY test tube rack. It was super easy.

We had a length of wood lying around that's about 14 inches long, 2 inches wide, and most of an inch high. We got a 1/8 inch dowel and cut it into lengths that were a few inches longer than a test tube is, then drilled 1/8 inch holes 3/4 inch apart, all the way through the wood. We left a gap in the middle to separate our tubes. We inserted the dowels into the holes, and put a layer of glue over the bottom of the whole thing to hold the dowels in the holes more securely, though many of them didn't need it at all.

Then we impaled a poor, unsuspecting paper towel on the dowels to give the rack something to soak up rogue drips with.

Before: Lots of test tubes pretty much wherever we could stash them, falling over a lot when we propped them up to get the drips out, and generally worrying us with potential breakage.

After: His and hers sides of a test tube rack!



A thing I would do differently: I probably should've allowed for some kind of real storage solution for the caps, too. But they work fine where they are. They aren't as worrisome. And eventually we will probably add a more permanent, non-chemically-treated sponge in place of the paper towel.

I know this is a very simple DIY but it has made a big difference in chemistry day at our house, so it might be a helpful idea for someone out there...

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Nice. I always put mine on the dish drainer for a bit and they fall over, some times they break. Great little project.

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DIYs you do with whatever you have laying around are pretty awesome, I think.

There was originally going to be a part 2 to mine that involved larger holes drilled in a piece of wood for standing them in while waiting for them to develop, but I never got around to it. The popsicle stick way of doing that is pretty nifty, I think.

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