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Just an update on my sick goldie.

Erica Stolte

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Sick goldfish is still sick unfortunately. Now it's more like one reddish botch at the end of the tail. I guess at this point, I'm less worried since it's been there since Aug, though I 'm rather not have a unhealthy fish if I can help it. Then again, I have no way of getting a diagnoses online ( since the soot monger got my camera) so maybe all a long , this is really a natural color change. Other two goldfish remain healthy without reddish blotches on their fins. Still trying to get upgraded canister filter...What I tend to call a "monster filter" in my mind due to the association of MFK and the largest filters on the market.

Actually thinking of moving them into the basement since it doesn't look like I'm getting that 70 gal upgrade any time soon for the living room, because I sometimes trip on the cord that has to be run across the room due to the outlet not working. I have to step over the cord to access a clothing closet. This yanks the cord and pulls the filter up nearly out of the tank.

Going to start routine water changes soon and hoping I can have the water faucet issue corrected before the next time the aquariums are due for water changes.

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