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Omega One Super Veggie Green Seaweed Fish Food


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I don't put mine in a clip because they won't go near it. I hold it under water and rub it in my hand until it just falls apart and they will chase it all over the tank.

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is this the same as nori?

Not really, this is a sea weed with other mixed greens in it :thumb:

does it just take them a long time to eat? Do you use a veggie clip for it?

I like the idea of anything that could keep my fish entertained for hours! :)

I do use a clip but it will eventually just come off and float around the tank, making them hunt for food :thumb:

Hey Koko....in my opinion anything by Omega One is worth using. I've been using their products for 2 yrs now and highly recommend them. :ehh

:bingo: When I was in CA I could find there products all the time and used them. But since I moved here its very hard to find :(

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