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Stakos Clan ♥♥


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You have such beautiful fish! :) What are you feeding them in the first video?

thank you. live shrimp.. the LFS nearest to me brings it in twice a week and i am always there on time to grab some :P

You have a beautiful clan, Helen. :heart

Thanks for sharing them again!

thanks hun :)

You have some of the nicest ryukins I've ever seen. One of the red and whites in the first video just takes my breath away!

And as always, I love Snag! :wub:

thanks dee dee.. they put a smile on my face every day :)

snaggy.. she's doing really well.

Gorgeous as usual Helen :)

thanks molly :)

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They are all absolutely gorgeous. Likewise, Snag is my absolute favorite, although the entire ryukin clan is fantastic :)

:D :D thanks alex :)

Very pretty! And:

  • How many Goldfish:18 vultures :rofl

thank you .. and they are.. all of them.. vultures!! but i love that they are, they make me giggle everytime i feed them..

Oh My that's a lot of GORGEOUS!!!! are they eating brine shrimp in the first vid???my guys go crazy for that stuff ;) Thanks so much for sharing :)

yes, it sure is.. they absolutely love anything live.. i used to feed them live worms but i would find that they would escape under the driftwood too fast.. so i stick with live shrimp now.

I still think Snag wants to come to me :lol

sure.. i await your arrival for her collection! :rofl

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