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Just my version of gel food. :)

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As you may know, I was trying to make some gel food that would be fine for my tropicals and also my goldies.

I decided to take a shot after reading some articles. It was experimental really. But it turned out to be quite a hit with both the goldies and tropicals. So here is my "recipe"

(just a note, I'm terrible at explaining recipes)

1 Can V8 100 % vege juice

2 small-med tilapia boneless fillets(prev. frozen)

a banana

1/4 c zucchini

1/4 c frozen peas

1/4 c broccoli

2 baby carrots(we had only one left since the tortoise ate the rest)

3/4 package of frozen chopped spinach block

A tiny tiny tiny pinch of powdered multi vit, and vit c

3 envelops Knox unflav. gelatin

3 cloves of finely chopped garlic

A blender :P

So using the blender

I started off my using 1/4 of the V8 can and tilapia and turning it into a smooth thick nasty smelling paste. Pour this into a fairly large bowl

Next add the spinach to the blender, using another 1/4 of the the can of V8. Then I added in the banana and blended it. Pour this into the bowl as well.

Next(this took a while to do since the blender is kinda small), blend another 1/4 can(at the end, you will have 1/4 of the can to drink :D ), with the zucchini, peas, broccoli and carrots garlic and vitamins. I added a splash of it water so it would blend better. Blend away!

When its done blended, add it to the big bowl and mix mix MIX! :D

Once you get a good mix done, over low heat, bring the mixture to a simmer. Constantly stir. Turn your heat up to med.

Next boil about 1 1/4 c of water and dissolve 3 of the small envelops of gelatin. Once you get it dissolved, add it to you mixture.

Turn up your heat to med high and stir away. Make sure you get everything mixed well.

Turn off your heat. And let cool for a minute of two(make sure its still hot but not boiling).

Pour into zip-lock bags to your desired thickness. Freeze on a flat surface.

Then bam! You're ready to go!

I'll probably feed this every other day til I run out(i think it'll last a few months)(now I feed 2 times a day). I will keep looking up ways to make it better(like adding shrimp and clams/scallops and more veges).

But yeah. Try it out if you'd like :)

The goldies go cray-cray for it. And so do the tropical fish! :D

Enjoy :)

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Hello, I'm really glad your are experimenting with food recipes, and I hope you won't mind if I contribute to the discussion :)

I noticed a couple things that could be potential concerns:

1. V8 - there is a LOT of sodium in this can, and not so much veggies :(

2. banana - fruits high in sugar content should only be given as occasional treats. I'm not sure that it's good for them to have it daily

3. spinach - contains a lot oxalate, which could interfere with calcium absorption. Normally, as treats every once in a while, it's ok, but as part of a staple food may not be so good

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Any time! I appreciate constructful criticism :)

For V8, I noticed it would be high in sodium, which is why I used the low sodium can(found in Winco and probably other places). I have no idea about how much sodium is in it since I threw away the can.

Ok. So next time, no banana. i thought it may be high in sugars, which is why I used a little smaller one. I did taste the mixture(just cause I was curious), and it tasted kinda fishy and nasty and spinachy. There was a slight smell of banana, but no sweetness or taste.

And for the spinach. I had no clue about the calcium absportion issue. Doesn't Vit. D help with the absoprtion? Cause there is some in the multi vit.

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The issue with spinach is that the oxalic acid contained in the spinach blocks the intestinal absorption of calcium, so whenever you feed foods that contain a lot of spinach, this can be something of concern, especially if you are feeding spinach all the time in the gel. I noticed that you don't have any carrots and zucchini in your recipe, so may be those veggies could be used in various proportions in the next batch, as well as kale in place in spinach? Also, try mincing and blending a clove or two of garlic into the mix. I personally don't believe that garlic does much in the way of helping the fish fight infections etc., but I do know that it's a great yummy attractant for the piggies.

Also, try using agar agar powder instead of gelatin. The agar agar is a tad more expensive, but I think it's more "natural" for the fish, as it comes from seaweed, and over time, this will pay off better. I've found that my floaty fish become increasing intolerant of gelatin, and float even more after gel food. After using agar agar, I noticed a really drastic improvement in this area. Agar agar is also a natural laxative, as it is full of fibers :)

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Where would I find agar agar? I was looking for it actually and couldn't find it.

Ok, so next time, spinach is a no no. There is zucchini and carrot in the recipe actually :) Just not much since I forgot to grab some and didn't have much on hand. I did add garlic as well. I read its good for attarcting the fish so I did add it in.

But yes, next time I will use more veges, and agar agar. I forgot to mention I may get spirulina as well, and maybe some organic nori to add in.

Are there any fruits I can add?

As a side note. Is it safe for tropical fish and goldies to have brine shrimp? I think they'd be fun to hatch and breed and feed. lol. I know that the babies have more nutritional value. Would they be fine in the mix as well?

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You can get agar agar at Whole Foods (in the Japanese food section) or you can go to an Asian grocery store. I think any of them should have it, as agar agar is a very popular dessert ingredient. :)

I think with fruits, you are better giving a slice of lime/orange or some other fruit on occasion, but it should be not be fed to fish too often. Orange/lime have added bonus of vitamin C.

I think brine shrimp are great, and certainly you can add them to your food. I've also added bloodworms to mine (not ground up of course)

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Low Sodium V8 still has 140mg of sodium per 8oz.

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