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ICH! (now what to do?)


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god, these fish are killing me...

so I had a feeling my 29g tropical tank may have ich for awhile, but pushed it to the back of my mind because I didnt see any spots. until I did. I've been treating with salt for a few days and raising temp slowly to 86. I've dealt with ich in tropicals before, so I wasn't too panicked.

now it looks like I've cross contaminated to the goldfish tank as well. GREAT! I've just started seeing cysts showing up on his fins and tail.

the tank is uncycled/unfiltered- I've been relying on 50% daily water changes to keep ammonia down. I am currently (fishless) cycling a filter on a bucket, and as soon as its cycled I can move it over, but for now, 50% water changes will be the best I can do.

firstly, I'm planning to raise the salt 1% each day (which is 1 teaspoon per gallon, correct?). I'm going to check tomorrow to be sure that it is ich I'm seeing. tomorrow is when I'll start upping the salt.

next; I have an extra heater I could use- should I? and how high can I safely set the temperature?

also: my original plan was to cycle the new filter/tank, add my current fish and two new additions, and put them through a round of QT (low dose salt and prazi) all together. with my current guy having ich, I think a damper has been put on my plans...

how should I go forwards from here? obviously treat the one I have now, but what about the two new fish I plan to get? how should I go about QT'ing them?

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i would just use the heater on the goldie tank, up the heat to 80F for a week.. minimum.. that should fix it.. i would try to not add the salt as it will only increase ammonia. i have had recent success in just treating ich with 80F without the need of salt.. and my filters are cycled.

continue with the 50% daily wc's match temp and PH when adding water back into the tank.. clean gravel if any like mad with each wc.

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hold off on the new fish if you can. As for the ich, i would use the heater (mine is automatically heated to about 80-82 degrees) and raise the salt to .1% and then 12 hours later raise to .2%, and finally up to 3%

This worked for me last month and my fish looks pretty good now. do you have a picture?

P.S. I thought your tank said 'cycled" but it doesnt so be carfull with salt. My fish made it through using salt without a cycle though. I just changed the water a lot

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no pictures- the cysts are too small to be able to capture with a camera yet. definitely ich, though.

I think I'm going to try just upping the heat to 80F... I was worried about increased ammonia with salt. if the ich gets worse in week's time, I'll start adding salt. by that time hopefully the other fitler will be cycled, anyways.

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