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Mr Tuff.. likes to be boss :)


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Ahahaha, wowwww. And I LOVE your voice. :heart

thanks hun :) yours is nice too :P .. we should skype again soon :)

Mr. Tuff is so amazingly handsome, and certainly defending his turf! Great video, and I enjoyed the narration!

thanks Alex :)

Too funny! It does look as though he enjoys it, he doesn't seem stressed at all. :) What happened to his tank?

i think so too.. infact today, i saw him favouring the side of the tank that rocky is on.. ie, if rocky would be swimming left, Mr Tuff would be on the left side on the box, same with the right.. i think he's made a friend :) and rocky is all for it too, it appears :)

Mr Tuff's tank is without heater.. also, i was not ready for a betta when Mr Tuff was gifted to me.. it was all around the time of Pork Chop dying. too depressed to "expand" when he was in his tank, he was low to a corner as it was too cold for him. and often, i would forget to feed and tend to him.. sounds bad.. well, it was.. so i decided that he would reside somehow in one of the main tanks.. preferably the one with the smaller mouths :D

so now he lives in a corporate box in the tiny tott's tank.. and it appears he's loving his new home :)

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He's ready to take on the goldies who are twice his size!

Very pretty fish.

*wants another betta*

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Awww what's with all the betta stepchildren here? :rofl

Nice video, he is a beauty! Although I am sure he would appreciate a little bit more room and maybe some decoration. Bettas are suckers for decorations :) Like Donna Noble is literally patrolling her little tank every morning and some times during the day, to make sure that everything is alright and no one stole her precious belongings LOL

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HAHAHA! He is too funny.

You know, I almost wonder if that healthier for them? I've read that being by themselves it's possible for bettas to get depressed. Maybe the set-up you have for Mr. Tuff is perfect because he's separated but still interacting with other creatures and your goldies keep him entertained. :) Nice work.

P.S. - I wish I had your voice. I <3 it. A lot. Lol.

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