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Betta With Pop Eye

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I've recently inherited a betta with pop eye. :(

I'm doing all I can right now, I set up a 20g tank for it with a filter, heater and bubbler, seeded it from another tank.

Ammonia: between 0 and the next color box, but I think this is just because it's just been recently seeded, the bb haven't had time to flourish yet.

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 0 (newly seeded)

Tank pH 7.6, possibly 8

Brand: API Freshwater Master Kit

Water temperature was around 70 last I checked, but it's been a cold morning so I turned the heater up some, waiting for the thing to do its job.

Tank size: 20g, since last night

The filter: I have no clue what it is, but I'm pretty sure it's meant to run on a 20g tank. I figure something running is better than nothing

How often: Well I just got it set up last night, so so far none. How often should I change the water if it has pop eye?

Fish: One betta

Conditioners: I dosed the tank with Seachem's Prime (the kind we use on goldies,)

Food: I've fed the fish twice, once last night, though it seemed too distracted with adjusting to it's new life and once this morning, which it went after at least one of the pellets. The other one got really soaked and puffy, and I don't know if it got sucked into the filter or eaten.

Medications: I salted the first dose last night (1 teaspoon per gallon) I'm unsure about adding more salt.. I thought bettas didn't do so well with salt?

Unusual Findings: Just the rather gross looking "pimple" like bag under it's eye ish. Its fins look okay, a little torn from being kept in those cubes they sell in the pet store, but nothing that won't heal in time.

Unusual behavior: none, the betta swims around just fine, seems active and interested in it's environment (though it's a rather plain environment for the time being.

I've also looked for Maracyn 1 and 2 in my lfs and pet stores, but none of them seem to carry it. :( If that's the best treatment for the betta does anyone know where to buy from that's reliable, or could possibly send me some?

I'll try and get pictures up soon. I really hope this little guy/gal I've named Poppy for the time being makes it. They're a beautiful little betta. :heart

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Only at that temperature while it's sick, right? Once it's better I can lower it back to around 27' C?

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