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Black Ops Final Phase Three

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It's not often that I get a chance to receive two shipments of telescopes from two different suppliers but yesterday happened to end up like that. I had one shipment of two black Broadtail Moors come from Tommy Hui and the second was a shipment of two black Butterfly Teles from Ken at DO. (Molly saw them before I did!)

The two Broadtails are a male by the name of Xen and the female is named Cleopatra (as instructed by Helen). :ehh

The two Butterflly Teles are, I believe, a male by the name Vion and a female by the name of Niko. All four are younger specimens and show great potential.

Anyway, here's some pics and a video of the process. All of the mini bubbles in the tank are from the addition of Prazi and it gave the photos a nice effect so I'm stickin' with it! Enjoy! :thumb:

Two is better than one!


Opening Tommy's box with the Broadtails


The DO bags right out of the box


Tommy's Broadtails in green water


Temperature acclimation
















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They are so beautiful! That one DO fish, I love its tail. Kind of reminds me of a tosakin :)

I so jelly.


very nice. What happens if one of them goes through a color change?

That's what Dennis got the orange teles tank for. :rofl

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Beauties! What an exciting day! I love getting new fish and somehow it is more exciting when they are arriving by mail. Oh and if one of them changes color, feel free to send it my way :clapping: Congrats on the great crew!

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Woohoooooooooo,score Dennis :bounce:hi5 Each 1 is very beautiful-quadruplets! I'm sure you provide them w/ an instructional vid on all the ops and strapping in for the ride in the Bat Mobile,right? Then swear them to secrecy? :rofl

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Alright Mr. D..... Td and I looked and opened the boxes with you, but darn it man, the video is private. :wa :wa


Hey Miss Koko....sorry about that. I had it set to private and just reset it. It'll work now for ya! lol the stick!

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