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How Little Silver Moon Has Grown

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here she was when i first brought her home (p.s the date on the pic is wrong my camera resets everytime you shut it off and im too lazy to keep re-setting)


and her she is now


quite a bit of a growth spurt i would say

and heres a short video of her when i brought her home in the 20 gallon QT tank


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thanks everyone i was kind of hopeing when i first bought her that she would turn out to be an oranda but im actually happy she ended up being a fantail becuase now i have pearlscale,an oranda,a tele,and a fantail so everyone is differant. and although i was hopeing this little fish wouldnt change colors and keep the beautiful silver color but ive noticed she has one tiny little orange spot pop up on her side but the dark grey is still dark grey so that might be intresting color pattern dark grey striping over orange body i cant wait to see what she looks like a year from now!

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