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My Juwel Vision 180


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Yes, yet another marine tank I 'forgot' to tell you all about :hummm

This is quite possibly the least problematic tank I have ever had. 180L with mainly leather corals in and I am branching out with a few sps corals now too.

Fish wise I have a valentini toby puffer (Moomin) who never touches any of my corals, a female skunk clownfish (Stinky) who loves curling up in the long polyped toadstools, a blue cheek goby (Norman) who cleans the sand bed perfectly and manages to move it all from one side of the tank to the other every few days, a cheeky starry blenny (Fred) who changes colours so beautifully, a speedy coral beauty dwarf angelfish (Zippy) who zooms in and out of all the rock crevaces so fast and finally a stunningly colourful little leopard wrasse called Lily.

I also have a big tuxedo urchin called Mega Cushie (as in giant pin cushion) and an indestructable blue knuckle hermit crab called Titan. Oh lest I forget I also have a gigantic black mythrax crab called Darth as he's black, shiny and slightly sinister but totally harmless so far. He lives ina rock called the Death Star and rarely comes out to play unless there's food about :happydance

So, as usual I'll shower you with pics to show you how it's developed

I upgraded from this which was leaking



to this




















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very nice. that's a great Coral Beauty. I love salt, I have 1 fresh and 1 salt but thinking about starting up another salt....I can't ever seem to have enough water.

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Thanks for the comments peeps!

Fred is a starry blenny and can change his spots at random. Sometimes he sports a moustache and others not, and he can go almost completely white too!

None of the fish are shoalers, but Stinky would be happy with a smaller mate to make loving eyes at ;)

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Very Impressive. I love the look of Marine Tanks, but I find goldfish keeping hard enough without the water chemistry, lights and other things you need for marine. Instead I just look at them from afar, and admire all the hard work that goes into them.

Thanks for sharing!


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