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How To Treat With Prazi?


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Hey guys, well, I did an 80% water change and added the first dose of my Health Aid PraziPro. It has been about 24 hours and everyone is looking nice and active, no stress evident. I noticed they have nice poops again also, and no more gravel-diving ;)

I just have a few questions about dosing the tank and doing "rounds" of the medication.

It says a single treatment can last 5-7 days, but you can re-treat no more than every 3 days if desired. Just wondering what you guys would recommend, as I'm already seeing improvement, but I don't want to stop the treatment before everything is taken care of.

And also how many rounds of treatment should I do? I know the usual number of rounds I've seen in other posts is 6, but I figured why not ask to be safe, as I've never used any medication besides salt before and I don't want any mistakes on my part to have ill effects on my fish.

Lastly, because I'm bad at math....now that the tank is dosed, when I do another 80% water change, how much med. would I add into the newly filled tank? It calls for 1 teaspoon per 20 gallons, and my tank is 95 gallons, but I treated it as 90 to make up for decorations/water displacement.

Thanks for your help as always! :thanks

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the easiest way for me to remember is three days on (prazi) and 4 days off both followed by huge w/c's :)

I do my w/c's 2x a week so

Monday w/c and prazi

Tuesday prazi

Wednesday prazi

Thursday w/c no prazi

Friday no prazi

Saturday no prazi

Sunday no prazi

then start the new week the same way :) hope that helps :)

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