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Uv Lights And New 22 Gallon

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Hey everyone!

If you spotted my statuses I have just got hold of two square 22 gallon tanks. They're exactly what I wanted for ages and mean I have enough space for Freckles to grow into :) also just look better than my long tank which I am selling on hopefully.

Anyway one of them has UV lights in the hood. Makes the goldfish look very pretty but was wondering if it will affect them in any way at all? Could it affect colours or health?

Also second new tank has a filter built into the hood. Never fear I shall probably invest in another one too but just curious, how should I go about cleaning it and setting up the cycle? Just stick my cycled filter media into it or run it fresh alongside my cycled filter?


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Thank you! Pretty much what I figured :)

Just wondering but what sort of filter material do people use? Always used sponges but can play around with this and see what happens. An old filter broke on me so have a different filter setup now in main tank so am interested to experiment hehe

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