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Is It Ok To Let Them Lose Now?


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My now 16 3mo old fry are big enough not to get sucked into the filter. Is it ok to let them run with the big fish? They have been in the same tank but the lil guys are in a net box. She is 2-3." They were together for about an hour in a big bowl while I did a complete overhaul on their tank and the net and they seemed to get along. I have been waiting for 2 months for my 75g to cycle then my big fish was to go in there but it just hasn't completed the cycle yet.

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Typos happen! :)

Ok, just not sure about how big the fish are. The babies are about 2 inches? How many babies? And the big fish are how big?

As long as the little ones can't fit in the big one's mouth, they should be fine.

One thing to watch though, even if they aren't getting sucked into the filter, the filter current can give such little fish problems. Keep an eye on that so you can muffle the outlet if you need to :)

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