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Bloodworm Mix Gel Food?

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Wow! I don't know if it's safe or not but I never knew that fish food companies actually made gel food. This is a new discovery for me haha. I still think it would probably be best to make your own though, so that you know exactly whats going in it

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Yeah, my bud Amy, who's also on here, went to a GF show and a distributor gave her some free commercially manufactured brine shrimp gel food and she gave some to me. The texture was different from homemade gel food, but it was interesting. I fed it to my fish and they liked it and I might consider feeding it as a temporary thing, but I wouldn't use it as a permanent food choice.

I'm sure what's going on here, is that commercial manufacturers of fish foods aren't completely oblivious to what home aquarists are doing. They know that we are foregoing their commercially manufactured foods in lieu of a healthier, homemade gel food and they're losing money over it. So they got on the bandwagon and started manfacturing their own versions of gel food. Now, while this stuff may be easier to eat and digest, fact remains, it is a commercially manufactured food and who knows WHAT exactly is being put into this stuff. IMO, it's just a gel version of their flake and pellet foods.

I, myself, don't buy ANY commercially manufactured foods, regardless of who makes it. I will always choose to only feed my own homemade gel food. That way, I KNOW what's in it and can control the cleanliness and nutritional quality of the ingredients. But, that's just me.....

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