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My Goldie Setup


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I am emptying my phone cam....

Here are some pics of my newish goldies (I have had them for a few months, unfortunately they lived in a 10 liter tank with no filter so I think they might be stunted). Unfortunately pics are a bit blurry and the ones where I tried to take photos of individual fish are terrible (in the bin already...).

So my tank is 63 gallons and has 5 fish in there (2 comets and 3 fancies) so technically I have too many fish in there but I am working on it...Can't get rid of them :(





I hope you like my setup!

Thanx :)

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That's a very nice natural setting Tank you have...Maybe you can check craigslist for a another tank for your fancy's down the road...Right now they're really small so with frequent w/c's you should be ok for a bit ;)

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very nice, if you maintain a nice big 70% water change at the end of the week and a 30-50% midweek each week, they should be fine in there for a while.. do you use prime? i am not sure what you have available to you in Slovenia.. congratulations on the upgrade just the same :)

also, i don't think they should suffer stunting if they were in a 10g tank for only a few months.. they should still grow rather nicely :)

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