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Raising My First Fry.


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I never intend to start breeding but my son wanted to see how a Goldfish is handspawned and......her is the rewarding journey:

The mom:


The dad:


The dad is a very special fish: he is supposed to be a Crowned Pearlscale but he looks more like an Oranda - and he has special scales: they looked domed but with no pearling as in the normal Pearlscales. This scale type can be called "Metalic domed scales." This scale type is much more shinier than normal metalic scales because the light is refracted and reflected in so many directions.

Here is a close up comparing the mothers scales to the Dad's scales:


Here is the first picture of the fry that hatched on the 5th of June. Here they are about three weeks old:


Here is the fry today - 50 days old:


The metalic domed scale gene is very dominant over the normal scale or the pearl scale. 75% of the metalic scale fry has domed scales, the others are all normal pearled scales. The matt/calico fish don't seem to be pearl or dome scaled.

will post some pictures of the individual fry soon.

Any thoughts on this will be welcomed.


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