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My Minnow Nibbling My Fav Comet Goldfish :(


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my fathead minnow (which looks quite wild) nibbles my comet goldfish, which is bigger than him. I have caught that several times, and my comet goldfish just quickly runs away, is it a problem?

Most of the time, it seems ok, but sometimes when they get close, that minnow always tend to poke him a few times, and sometimes follows rite after my goldfish :(

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Is there any way to maybe separate them? Being nipped at a lot can be very stressful for the goldfish.

And the other way around, when the goldfish grows big enough to eat the minnow, he might just do so. That's why I wouldn't keep other fish with goldfish, unless it was a big goldfish pond and maybe some gambusia.

But that's just my personal opinion :)

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