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Red Spot On Pearscale

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Hello...me again. I figured I'd go ahead and ask about another new fish of mine in my other tank.

I did a 50% water change day before yesterday and the results:




(these results are rather embarrassing *blush*

Tank set up almost a year and fully cycled with no crashes.

47 Gal slightly overstocked. I have an Eheim but I'm not sure of the size because for some strange reason it's not listed on the caninster. I did pick up an AquaClear 110 and added that filter also yesterday.

Yes, I know I need another water change because the water conditions aren't good:yikes :yikes However, I purchased him a week ago as a "rescue" from the pet store and it wasn't until I was paying for him that I noticed the red spot.

1. Is it possible a "pearlscale" fell off and left the red spot?

2. Could it be possible that it's just from poor water conditions at the pet store? His fins were also ragged when I bought him.

3. Should I just do a water change, add some melafix, maybe some salt?

4. Possible parasitic or bacterial origin and treat with PraziPro?

5. Also, it looks like the area underneath it bulges a bit and it almost looks like the next "pearscale" is pushing out and possibly detaching itself. This fact is what prompted to go ahead and post before things went really haywire.



He's acting just fine. I forgot to check his poop though....I'll have to wait until he does :D

Any help would be greatly appreciated! (I'll do a water change shortly)


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Hello again :). It is possible that the red spot comes about as the result of a scale falling off, but it is also possible that is a sign of flukes, or the beginning of an ulcer. Given the possibilities, I think that salt/Prazi treatment is an excellent idea, as it is more than probable that the fish have flukes. However, before you do that, I would make sure to step up the WCs to at least 80% every 4-5 days. I promise you will see a very big difference from just the big WCs alone. :)

Edit: I was looking at the pics more closely, and it does look as though the scale had fallen off. What I also noticed is a considerable amount of fin fraying and splitting, which as a definite sign of water quality issues. So, I would definitely address the water changing needs. Then once that has been resolved, begin the flukes treatment.

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Shew, ok, did all my water changes and noticed this morning that one of the spots on Angus' tail fin disappeared this morning :) He's acting much more normally and was bumping into my hand as I sorted plants in the tank. What is it about goldfish that when you stick a big tube they have to get in the way? Do they think it's food? Oh, cool! A new toy! Let's go check out the bottom of that long tube! :D

Tropical fish swim like heck in the opposite direction during water changes hehe.

Captain Findus- I don't have a QT tank...no room *blush* I was contemplating setting up a 10 gal in the bathroom off our bedroom though....sigh, just never got around to it *blush*


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