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What's Going On With My Fish?

Guest jackthefish

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thank you for posting this and i am sorry that you're having problems with your fish. but in order to help you, we requre the answers to the questions in the white box above. please answer them as soon as possible so that we can help.

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Guest jackthefish



nitrite- .75 ppm

tank ph-7.4

tap ph- 7.2



10 gal- running for a month- moved fish from smaller tank.

aquatech 5-15 gal power filter.

50% water change every other week, full water change monthly

last water change was about 1.5 weeks ago, 50%

4 goldies (I know, too much, but they were gifts and I can't afford a bigger tank at the moment)3 of them 1.5 in, one of them is .75 to one inch long.

Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner.

Hikari Oranda Gold mixed with tetramin flakes/pellets- daily. wardley tubifex worm cubes- about once a week.

no new fish added recently

No medications added (yet)

2 months ago one fish had fungus, but it has long been cured.

no unusual behavior

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Fin fraying and various other issues most often come about because of water quality issues, and your water tests support that conclusion. In order to remedy this situation, you will need to fix the water quality issue, which may be done as follows:

- until you get an upgrade, perhaps you can get a rubbermaid tub and temporarily house 3 of the four goldies. A 30 gallon or bigger tub will do nicely. They are not the most aesthetically pleasing, but they work great. You will need to supply adequate filtration (10x) and aeration to the tub also.

- We recommend weekly water changes of at least 50%. More is even better. Until you can get a bigger space for your fish (tub or upgrade), I would recommend doing at least 1 80% WC every other day. Test your water to see if there are other ammonia & nitrite.

Keep the water pristine, and the fins problems will disappear.

Good luck! :)

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as you know, you have an overstocking problem. now, in order to resolve this, you need to up your water changes until you get a new tank that is suitable. with 4 fish you need a minimum 50US gallons.. do you have available a large rubbermaid or foodsafe tub to the tune of 40-50 gallons? the filter will need to be able to work this volume of water also.

immediate routine for you with the 10 gallon is daily waterchanges of 70-80%.. a good ammonia binding water conditioner is Seachem Prime, it does a lot more than binding ammonia and we highly recommend it here as one of the most reliable products.

your fish are being poisoned by their own toxins.. everyone on this forum sticks to a minimum 60-80% weekly water change at normal stock levels. goldfish produce a lot of waste and the water becomes dirty really quick.

this is what your readings should be for a healthy tank environment

ammonia 0

nitrates 10 - 20 max (so you're on the verge of too many nitrates)

nitrites 0

ph between 7.5 - 8.5 for goldies (7.4 is ok.. but please keep a regular eye on it)

it would really help you and the fish out heaps if you can see to getting a cheap rubbermaid tub and a suitable filter. i believe that some discount stores there in the US sell this product rather cheaply and a lot of members here use them as qt or backup tanks as they don't leach chemical from their plastic into the water.

but right now, i would do two large 80% back to back water changes to bring all toxic params as close to 0 as possible.

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just a little comment - try not to move/hold/catch the fish with nets - it harms their slime coat and can carry bacteria. Just use nice clean/moist hands.

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