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Feeding Fry


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I don't have any fry but in about a month I probably will.

I have pond fish 2 Fantails one confirmed girl spawned last year and the other pretty shore is a girl and 5 comets all males.

And I want to raise fry myself not just leave them in the pond well I find homes for them and I was wondering because the country I live in brine shrimps really expensive like $50 a bag. Could I for the first couple of weeks could they survive well mosquito larvae and blood worm it all naturally lives in my garden.

How many times a season can a female lay eggs because last year I'm shore I counted nine most survived a week but parents ate them lol.

and how much gallons do you need for one 4 month old fry and how big should it be random question.

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Ok, I can only answer part of this.

Speaking from personal experience as my fish spawned in March:

The first few weeks mosquito larvae and blood worms will be too big for the fry to eat. I did not hatch baby brine shrimp myself, but bought the frozen kind. But I only had around 30 fry to begin with. Having a whole lot of fry, hatching your own baby brine shrimp might be cheaper.

Another food source is algae, green water, and cyanobacteria. Mine grew up on the cyanobacteria (aka blue green algae). I kept my fry in a 10 gallon tub with a 40watt desk lamp, and had cyanobacteria grow within a few weeks. You could get this started already, and get a nice thick layer of this blue green slimy buildup.

Another food would be Hikari First Bites, and crumbled up, boiled egg yolk. Liquid fry foods maybe.

For a 4 month old fry, it depends on how long the fish will be stay where it is. Are they gonna go back out in the pond? Is it only going to be a temporary home, and for how long? At four months, I can only guess that they will be around 2 inches long. My single tail fry is 3 1/2 months and about 2 1/2 inches, but considered their breed they probably grow faster than fancies.

For a 2 inch goldfish as temporary home I would go with at least a gallons per inch of fish, with at least two big water changes weekly and 10x filtration or more. These fish need a lot of room to grow at this age.

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They are going into a pond but not with there parents I have another pond to keep them in till they are about 3 or four inches because my other fish are monsters.

They will also live most of the time in a 30 gallon and while there smaller in a fifteen gallon.

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