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Quarantine Set Up

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So i am going to get a Quarantine tank because the LFS here is having a big sale, basically $1 per gallon. What do you do to set up your QT? I will not have mine out and ready all the time. Should i leave it empty with no gravel, fake plants, etc?

I was going to leave it empty in my closet and when i need it i will fill with fresh water (treated water) and borrow one of my filters from the big tank which will have a sponge, ammonia remover, and biomax (aquaclear 50).

When i need to Quarantine a new or sick fish we it get scared/stressed if their are no plants or decor? If i leave the decor and fake plants in a tank with no water, will they become contaminated?

I know this thread is similar to a pinned thread here but i think my topic is a little different, i apologize if it belongs there, but i am not asking about what treatment to use. I just want to know the best set up for decor/filter etc... after reading everyone's advise here i need a 20 or 30 gallon set up for this. it seems to be the best way.

any thoughts?

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