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So Frustrated. No Idea What Went Wrong.

Guest breakthenight

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Guest breakthenight

GAH. I am so frustrated right now. I got up at 5am to take the dog out, and while stumbling through the kitchen I decided to check the fry. All of them were lying on the bottom, unresponsive, I assumed all dead. After a minute I realized some were alive, but BARELY. They would just thrash themselves along the bottom of the tank an inch then go back to lying on their sides. I have no idea what was wrong. I scooped off about 90% of the water and tried changing it to water from my established tank in the hopes I could maybe try and save them, though I was pretty frustrated as I knew they would likely not survive.

I changed it and that seemed to get a couple more moving around slightly so I put in some BBS(some of the larger fry might be able to take it, and they are in NO condition to hunt.). I went back to bed as there was nothing more I could do, just came back out to check on them.

About half are still alive, a couple doing slightly better than before. One actually ate, but I am pretty sure the remaining more active ones(scoot around on the floor occasionally or attempt to swim straight up...very odd fry behavior)will likely starve as they are not bothering to hunt and have already lost yolk sacs for the most part early yesterday. The one who ate swims at the very surface, very lethargically rather than bottom sitting and random scooting. Some of the fry seem to suddenly thrash around in what seems like seizure like movements.

I don't understand what went wrong. I used treated tap water, set out until it reached room temperature as not to shock the fry. I did a medium sized water change with it yesterday, when I siphoned the tank. The fry seemed fine afterwards. All I fed to them was a small harvest of microworms yesterday for the ones who had started to hunt. Now all my fry are going to die and I haven't the slightest clue what went wrong.

Def giving up on raising fry

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i am really not sure at all about raising fry.. but i know that many members here have done so and have very good diary threads on it. you may want to take a read at their fry threads and compare notes, perhaps you will find answers there to assist you in saving the remainder fry.

good luck.

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Guest breakthenight

Sorry I never got back to you guys. I think there was something in the water- bacteria, pest, no idea what because the water would test fine but anyway, I got a few survivors after a couple days. A few died off from deformities(extreme spine issues and so forth) and I had a pump malfunction which took out three not long ago which was an absolute heart breaker. I have four now, two months old. I've posted another thread that I'd love input on, regarding the fact two of the babies never developed pelvic fins. Here are some pictures though, and thanks for the support. I love my goldies and I am now looking to upgrade my main tank to an 80 after I move- hubby may kill me, LOL.

Sorry about the poor quality and also I am unable to get a good picture of the littlest guy with the nacreous scales. I think they make him harder to photograph at this size because he is white.These pictures are about a week old so lots of changes since.





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