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***from the GD section

Hello you all,

I came across a section of freeze dried fish food at the LFS and wanted to give it a try. It seemed that my two goldies needed a change from the staple pellets.

The results were quite amazing, :o I had never used the product before and it does take some time getting use to preparing it before feeding, but man did they tear it up :druel

prolly the best $6.00 that I have spent on my fish in quite awhile. [ http://www.vvvv.com/...0#RatingsDetail ] <<< here's the link to the brand

I hope y'all give it a try if you have not done so already. *** I posted the link because of the information contained about the product. [no affiliation at all] :thanks

just found out the link is not working, ...Hikari freeze dried Brine Shrimp

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