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Sometimes Even Small Results In The Right Direction Is Good :)


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many months ago, i visited The Aquarium Factory in Bayswater, Melbourne, Australia..

there were many things that i noticed (as we all usually do) about their philosophy on keeping goldfish (+ freshwater).. upon sharing my disgust with the store manager, one thing he said to me, perhaps not realizing he said it to the wrong person? "come see me in a few weeks and i will have made positive changes"..

well, a few weeks passed us by and i revisited. things were still the same :o so i chose to vent some more! this time to the owner of the business. after an hour long heated discussion with him, i felt leaving his store that i'd turned this man around with his way of thinking.

a week later, he called me... asked me to come and visit. i walked in there and again, no changes. but he did offer me a job as stores supervisor and as store supervisor i would be able to change his shop how i saw fit. flattered by the offer, i refused and each weekend i walked in there and spent a few hours helping him (and his family) out with the new design for the store and with educating his staff (half of which are his family lol) in the basics of goldfish keeping.

from then till now, they have changed the store drastically.. put all the goldfish in the one area and all the trops in another area. the saltwater fish had already been arranged well by their suppliers and sponsors.

then we arranged tanks, counters, and everything else. literally a complete aquarium shop remodel is what we did (they even built a QT area incase of importing fish or treating sick fish).. i sat with his younger son and we scaled koko's for outdoor ponds to give them some options as to what they wanted for the outdoor feature and he gained some ideas (thanks to all for posting your ponds and progress of building your ponds in the appropriate sections of this site) and the young man was really keen to get started :D

his daughter who manages the website (uni student and cannot afford the time at the shop) did some surfing and added this to their website:

"How to kill your fish!

Overfeed: Feed much and often.

Spray and aerosol. Insect sprays, hairspray and window cleaner etc.

Overcrowd: Keep stacking them in.

Poor filtration: What does it matter if the water is cloudy and grey?

Use 'el cheapo' fish foods: Usually crushed dog biscuit type.

Give them a total water change: Especially if they are in very old water or warm water at the moment.

Use water from new copper pipes: If the chlorine doesn't get them, this will.

Use water from new galvanized tanks: Just in case they have survived everything else.

Use fibreglass filter wool: Give them silicosis of the gills.

Medicate, medicate, medicate: Use some blue stuff, some yellow stuff ...

Bang the glass when passing: Can't have them lazy and tranquil.

Do not quarantine: This gives your old fish an unfair fighting chance. Let them have some new germs to make life interesting. In short, if they get sick, see Point 10.

Some Special Points for Tropicals

Put your big fish with little fish: Make the bigger fish bigger.

Let the temperature go up, up, up or down, down, down: They won't know whether they are coming or going.

Don't worry about the pH or acid level: Let 'em burn a little.

Ignore the ammonia and nitrite level: It's far too technical and they probably died of something else anyway.

Taken from Cichlid Monthly, Volume 14, Number 8."

futhermore, they have correct fact sheets up wherever possible about how to care for goldfish, they have printed professional flyers for everyone whom is interested in buying goldfish or tropicals.

it's so refreshing to see people whom are still passionate about their business. care for their stock enough to listen to a stranger walking in off the street.

ok.. this is probably one positive story in a million negative stories that we normally hear and read of, but i would never have found him if i had never complained. Stefano called me a few days ago and told me that with the new way of educating the public, they are actually making better money now than they were before :) they find that they are able to sell better quality tanks and then better convince the buyer to purchase better filters, foods etc.. (API drop test kits are always outta stock :) )

i could just keep going and going about how impressed i am with this result, but i guess you can all figure that one out :D :D

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Every fish in that part of Australia will be forever grateful to you. God bless you for taking such initiative!


For once, it's not this: :wall:madrant:pan:veryangry::bat::SmackBottom::blowup:

..."they are actually making better money now than they were before..." This is the one point that forever baffles me. It's so blatantly obvious to the most inane of casual observers, and yet, somehow, this concept eludes every single lfs around.

Someone comes in to spend $20 on a goldfish and bowl. You tell them that the goldfish needs a 10 gallon tank and a filter, aerator, etc. and explain why and the customer walks out of the store having spent $200. This isn't rocket science people.... it's marketing and finance 101..... (and the fish get a better deal in the process!)

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Fantastic job Helen! :D

And I love the "How to kill your fish" pointers as well. These should be posted in every lfs. :exactly

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