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Betta With Black Dots On Tail


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Ammonia - 0

Nitrites - 0

Nitrates - 5

PH - 6.8

5 gallon - 100 gph filter

Feed 1-2 times per day - blood worms, flakes, pellets


change 75% weekly

use prime only

My betta has developed little black spots all over his tail. There was 4 bigger ones and where they were a little piece of his tail fell off. They seem to be getting more prevalent. I have only had him for about a month and a half. I think he may have had a few spots when I got him. The tank has never had ammonia, I seeded with existing media.

Any idea what these are?


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Take a look at the Anal and Dorsal fins, you can see it better there. My mistake for just specifying the tail.

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How is he doing now? I've had blue bettas that had that on their fins and they were fine, I always thought it was their coloring. :undecided:

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He is eating well, swimming around, not acting strangely at all. Since some of you have seen this coloring before it may just be nothing. He could have got his tail caught in the intake and lost that piece.

I may add something to the intake so that his tail cannot get caught.

I will keep an eye on his tail in the meantime.

Thanks :)

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