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New Betta.


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Just went to the place where pets go yesterday to buy some dog food when I couldn't resist looking at the bettas yet again. AND the one that I liked so much about a week and a half ago, but couldn't find again afterwards was back! I guess the people who were going to buy him must have put him back on the shelf, because he was soooo expensive. They wanted $15 eventhough he's got a slight kink in his back. He must have spent weeks in that tiny little cup already! Well, I got him despite the price tag and the kink in his back. He's suppoesed to be a Double Tail Plakat, which I had never heard of before, but that does not mean anything.

He is a really active little guy and seems to like the swimming room in the 2.5G

Already ordered him some almond leaves, too.

I'll try and post photos tomorrow and maybe you guys can tell me if there is anything I can do about his back.

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congratz congratz congratz that is too cool awfully exspensive though but then again ive only ever seen bettas in pet stores go for like 6 dollars but those are just the regular ones (dont know much about betts!)

cant wait to see pics!

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