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First Fry


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Day 12; June 12, 2011:

For anyone wondering how my fish are doing.....sorry I haven't updated in awhile! I have been working 8+ hours for the last three days, so when I get home all I want to do is sleep...which is what I do, coincidentally! :P

The fry are growing like weeds. I am upgrading them from the 20g bucket to the 65g tank tomorrow before I go to work. I am excited to see just how many I have! I will be scooping them into the new tank by the cupful so I should be able to get a pretty accurate count! :)

Today I had to do the first cull. There were two. One had a pretty seriously kinked back, and one had some sort of fungus or something that was covering nearly half of its tiny little body. I couldn't take the risk of the fungus spreading. That's also the reason I am going to use as little old water as possible in the new tank. I used clove oil to do it, but I wasn't thinking, and I used the syringe I normally use to separate the BBS....so now that syringe is dedicated to the clove oil. I've found that one drop of clove oil in about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water is enough to put them down. I also used a bit of vodka to emulsify the oil...only about three drops.

The tub is much much cleaner today! Yesterday I turned on the sponge filter! :nana It's doing a great job of keeping the bottom free of debris (because the specks get pulled into the filter instead of settling on the floor). I have been so afraid to turn it on because I didn't want them to get sucked into the filter! Thankfully they are doing just fine with the current.

I also added a heater yesterday, but it's a Stealth heater....it got waaaaaay too hot for my liking, so I unplugged it. They were much more active in the warm water, but I just don't wanna take the risk of boiling them.

I've also started training the fry to eat out of a bowl. I was sick of syringing the BBS into the tub willy-nilly, so I now syringe them into a small measuring bowl and set that at the bottom of the tank. Then I have to chase the fry out of it when it's time to take it out. They are pretty smart and hang out in the bowl even when it's empty...no doubt thinking that BBS will just appear out of nowhere.....ok, maybe they aren't that smart!

What I learned today: fry are stronger than they seem in regards to filter current.

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Day 13; June 13, 2011:

Well, I have just FINALLY finished moving them all into the 65g tank. And I think I will have to either do some serious culling in the next few weeks, or I will have to split them up into all the open tanks I have available. The grand total count is (drum roll please...) Drumroll_Emote____HL_by_halfliquid.gif


:o I don't know what I am going to do with them all! Anyone want some really small fish?!

And let me tell you, scooping them up with a measuring cup sounds much easier than it is. It took Steve and I about an hour and a half to move the first 300 and I just finished moving the last 100 in the past 45mins. I had to work, inconveniently, between then and now so the last had to sit in the tub waiting for grandmummy to come home.

And to top it all off, the brine shrimp are not hatching properly for some reason! The last two harvests I had were almost completely empty. Thankfully I have both the first bites and frozen daphnia now. And while neither of those are their favorite, they will still eat it.

It seems that we have microworm cultures available at work, so I'm going to ask my manager to start me a culture so I can feed the fry. I've read they are received even better than BBS.

AND I just got a credit line increase so I will order some decapsulated brine shrimp eggs to hatch out. I have been reading on a few other sites and it should be just as easy to hatch the decapped eggs as the normal eggs. And since I am going to be buying them from a MUCH MUCH better source than SFBay, I should have a higher hatch rate. :)

Ok, I think that's it for this edition! And now I am off to bed because I am BEAT! zzz.gif

What I learned today: scooping fry is not the fastest way to move them. :undecided:

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DAYUM. 421 fry. No wonder you had to move them to the 65 gallon tank. No offense, but in a way, I hope for you that they not all make it. I mean... that would be 4.000 + gallons of water you need. Imagine the cost of weekly 50% water change :rofl

I expected you'd have around 100. LOL

I think with that many fry, you might really have to do serious culling for everything that's abnormal. Sure, some fry might die on their own, but from what I saw and am told, the majority will live if they are kept well. So the whole thing about how only a small percentage naturally survives, that's B.S.

If it wouldn't have been for this tiny crack in my filter, and the curiosity of my fry, I would still have a dozen more. That doesn't include the "survival of the strongest" where the larger fry must have snacked on the really little ones. Meaning that if I had separated them by size, and without the filter incident, I would still have about 25 of my original 30 fry. I'm honestly glad I got only 4 now.

It is cool that you are basically at the source of what all they need. I was looking around trying to get microworms for them, but no one carried them. The guy at this fancier LFS told us that usually you don't get them from LFS, but clubs and private people cultivating them, but he didn't know anyone. So frozen BBS it was. How big are your daphnia? Mine couldn't eat them until they were about 3 weeks old, the daphnia was too big. Instead they appreciated me dropping a hikari pellet in there, it got all soft and soaky and they kept nibbling on it until it was gone. That was perfect for those days when I had to work all day long.

Another thing mine grew up with, was cyanobacteria. On my fry tub I had a 40 watt desk lamp as light, and within 10 days of their hatching a nice layer of cyanobacteria developed in the well lit area. The fry LOVED that.

I could start seeing their bellies filled with deep dark blue green stuff, and same was their poop. I think they had a massive growth spurt during that time.

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Day 14; June 14, 2011:

I know they aren't going to all make it. I am going to be pretty ruthless in my culling. Only the best are going to stay alive. I don't want tri-pod tails, or tails that are mismatched in size, no single anals, no dorsal-less. I know it might seem a bit cruel, but I am trying to start my own line of calico ryukin, so I only want the best genetics. I am still deciding on whether I want to keep the pinkies or not. I think I might because i am pretty sure the excess fish are going to a LFS and a lot of people like white fish. But, just like Daryl (whom I consider my mentor and role model) I don't want any sub-par goldfish going out there to reinforce the stereotype of goldfish as "dead in a month." I want only the most gorgeous fish going out from my tanks.

Anyways, enough of that rant. :))

I am really lucky that my work is such a well-stocked store. We serve two types of people, really: parents looking for beginner fish as "first pets" for their 6 year olds, and extremely invested hobbiests and breeders who come to us for higher quality supplies. There aren't many small stores around because, well, they just don't make it in city atmospheres. The larger chains put them out of business, and hobbiests are ok with that because we have so many local clubs. Plus people in cities are more willing to buy things online (at least that's what I've noticed). The little stores that do stick around usually end up charging WAY too much for their products. My store is associated with Petland, so we can charge a little less but still offer good quality and expertise. (NOTE: I do NOT work for the "fish section" of Petland. We are a separate franchise called Aquarium Adventure, we just happen to be owned by the same couple as the Petland we are inside of.)

My daphnia are pretty big (frozen Hikari brand), but they can still suck them in. The fry are almost 1/2 inch long! I am so surprised by how fast they are growing! Cyanobacteria....thats a great idea! I have it over-running my puffer tank. I think I'll drop a covered rock or two in there and see how they like it. Thanks for the idea! :)

I am upping the amount of BBS I'm hatching 2x. 1/8+ tsp just wasn't doing it anymore! And I also ordered decapsulated eggs to hatch. They should be here later this week (2-3 day shipping was required...sheesh but that was expensive!...$16.95 for shipping and $24.95 for the eggs! :o) But I am ok with the price knowing that my fry will be in cleaner water...no left over egg shells to dirty up the bottom. But still, good thing I got the credit increase, and the $75 bonus from work!

The bowl method wasn't really working. The BBS would just huddle in the bottom of the bowl, and only the smartest of the fry would get any! Although, some of the fry seem to like picking at the grey debris on the bottom of the tank (mixture of BBS that like to live there, left over daphnia bits and fry poop) go figure!

What I learned today: BBS go fast in the fry tank and if you are ever thinking about raising fry, stretch your pennies as far as you can because you will need them for your fry supplies!

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That's a good idea with culling, and I absolutely understand it too! You are doing this in a more serious way, and I can't wait to see the line of calicos ryukins! :D Might have to buy one off of you someday :D :D

Mine loved the cyanobacteria. They will clean it off fast when they realize it's edible and yummy!

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