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Breeding Season.....

Guest Wrog

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Guest Wrog

hi, I have one old female small little fins (between 12 and 15 years old) and two males. The males have very pronounced breeding stars. They chase and rub loads, all have some scuffs and bruises from crashing into things. The female hides some of the time. I hate this behavior because they are massive! There are always some eggs when I vac the tank and one looked like it had started to grow a tail.

These guys been together for nearly ten years, and this time each year I think about splitting them up, None of them seem stressed and I have always thought it was just nature, let it be.

I just turned on my tank lights for the first time in ages and when the big male swims towards me he is covered in these stars.

Any advise? the old girl isnt getting any younger.

Do I just let this go? how long does it last? and why am I asking after nine years? (I think it's because they still seem to grow. big male is over 9 inches)

any advice or knowledge would be great.


pics in my welcome section if you need them.

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I much like the floating colander idea, especially since you wouldn't have to take her out of her environment which I would believe would cause even more stress; but treat the situation to whatever suits your discretion.

Hopefully things will calm down for your goldie girl though - best of luck to you and the goldfish! ;)

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Guest Wrog

thanks guys, it doesn't seem to go on as long as it used to. Whenever I think about splitting them up they just seem so close I cannot. Sometimes they do some sort of mating dance thing when they sort of spiral together, she does hide but it doesnt take long for one of them to find her, I read that she gives out some pheromones that does this? After an hour of chasing they all milling round the top now like nothing ever happened, I just get scared they will hurt themselves or again I have read that 2 males can chase a female to death, she's looking at me pointing her nose at the gravel now which means "FEED ME NOW"

Sometimes when they guys are quiet she will nip one of their tails and it starts all over again!

Been going on for 2 months now, I cannot remember please say it doesnt go on all summer?

thanks again for the replies.

btw, I rescued the female I think she was about three, however, she went white within a year, which I was told at the time (10 years ago) that was may be due to old age lol. I bought the other two as friends (had no idea and a 10 gallon tank) they were babies so they must be ten years old.

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