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I Have A Confession To Make


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The largest is maybe 2 1/4 inches (body) and the smallest just over an inch long. That little one is about 1/8 the size of the biggest, but seems normal and healthy. They aren't going to be the size of Fang's kids. Their mamma is little Spookyfish - my second smallest pond fish - not Hugo the Huge. :teehee

All but the smallest are big enough for the pond, but I'm not going to keep them all. The largest, Golden, is a keeper because of that golden-yellow color - which will probably darken into an ordinary orange in the pond. The biggest shubie, Flash, has the prettiest fins and the nicest body shape of any. The others are still a mystery.

I hate to break them up because this group is so tight. When I split them into two 10 gallon tanks, both groups pouted for about two weeks. and never seemed particularly happy. When I moved the fancies out into the 50 gallon stock tank pond and put the babies together into the 30, they about went wild with excitement at finding one another again, swimming round and round the tank in a "school." It's easy to get a picture of them all at once because they are nearly always together.

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