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The Evolution Of Helo

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I bought Helo apx 14 months ago. It's pretty cool looking back on what he was when I got him, to what he is now.

.March of last year. Bad picture but, you get the idea...


August is when I really started to notice the difference...


This is January. It's crazy how much he's changed, even since just this past new year.


And today...




This guy is my champion. He's been nothing but a bull since he joined my tank. Sometimes I'm sure he's been responsible for the death of a few additions, as he's the ultimate competitor for food. And he's a beast when there's a female in the tank, who is ready to spawn.

When I brought Helo home, he was a little under 4 inches, from head to the tip of his caudal fin. Today I measured him, and he's slightly over 7 1/2 inches.

I've made a copy of this post for the before and after thread. But, I thought Helo is impressive enough right now, he deserves a thread of his own. ;)


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Thanks guys. I'm really excited about how well he has thrived in the tank. And how he still continues to grow, and change almost weekly.

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