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:'( Any Way To Save This Fish?


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Ohhhhh no I am so sorry! I'm sure you are really upset about it, but please know you did all you could do and I think its really awesome that you tried so hard. Some people would have just flushed the fish and said whatever. You did so much to try and save her - you should be really proud of yourself.. RIP little fish :cry1

If you need any help getting things together for the rest of the fish please let us know. I think once you get those fish into a tank that is big enough for them, and once that is fully cycled, things will settle down and you should be able to get by with just weekly water testing and weekly water changes. Right now is the hard part, waiting for the cycle to complete.. Once your tank is cycled the ammonia and nitrites are reduced by the good bacteria that have become established in your tank and so you won't have to be doing crazy water changes like you are now to get rid of them. It can take a while so right now patience is key.

Keep salting the main tank.. And checking the water quality and doing water changes.. And like I said if you have any other questions let us know and we would all be more than happy to help you out! Once again, Im really sorry for your loss...


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thank you for the condolences. it has been really rough and the help and support here has been invaluable.

i do have other questions about the other fish and tank. let me know if i should post them under another topic or forum.

- i added salt to the tank as suggested, but then read something about salt + zeolite = ammonia? the filter has carbon/zeolite cartridges. i could take them out but i guess they help w/ ammonia, and removing the 1 dose of melafix, and other things. i'm only up to 1 tsp. salt per gallon. in the tank.

- i have not moved any of the fish-- i just have the 1 filter, and the bigger containers i have are opaque so i couldn't keep a close eye on them. that would be a temporary solution anyway, so it seems like a lot of stress for nothing. also the water levels have been good in the tank.

- i may still quarantine the 1 fish who seems distressed (less active, pale color, some scales discolored/pale, maybe slightly fuzzy-looking).

all fish are a little less active, and some hold their fins mostly down. possibly yawning / gulping a little more often than is normal.

the filter stresses them out and i don't like having it at all, that is one of the factors in my figuring out what to do with them eventually..

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You can continue using this thread, that way everything is under one topic. Really no need to make a new one:)

Zeolite You are correct you cannot use that with salt. It rereleases the ammonia back into the water. You are going to have to remove that from the filter, but keep the filter running. What else is in your filter. Do you have any bio media such as filter floss, bio wheel, ceramic rings, a sponge etc? If so that must stay... That is where the majority of your good bacteria are going to grow and that is how you will keep your cycle. Always rinse those items in tank water NOT tap, because tap can kill the good bacteria you are working so hard to establish.

If its been 12 hours, you can go ahead and up the salt to 0.2% (2 teaspoons per gallon) now. Then in another twelve up it once more to 0.3%

It really is important that you get them into a bigger container asap... The stress of the move won't be so bad, especially if you follow a method like Spillie recommended.. Trust me the benefits of having more space far outweights the stress of a move. Even in a rubbermaid you can monitor them from above. You need to get them settled in something larger with more filtration.. 6 in a 10 gallon is just far too many.. Right now I know you are doing what you can, and keeping the ammonia down like you have been doing is awesome! But space really is super important.

If you need to QT the other fish thats fine.. Are the other fish picking on it at all? Just make sure you keep the salt going for that fish too.

The yawning and fins down can be a sign of many things including poor water quality or parasites.. We are already working on the water, and you are salting to take care of most parasites but there is one medication that I would like you to purchase that will take care of another parasite called flukes.. The medication is called Prazi and here at kokos most of us treat all of our fish with salt and prazi at some point as a preventative, and then whenever we get new fish we treat them with salt and prazi in quarentine.. Here is the link to where you can buy it online if youd like:


If you are still using test strips it may not be a bad idea to get yourself a liquid test kit such as the API freshwater Master Test Kit. Strips can be inaccurate


Im sure the loss of the other fish is sad and frustrating but I really believe that you are on the right track to making things better for the other fish! Im really rooting for you! :goodluck

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fish are doing about the same and are still in the same tank.

i cannot find the prazi locally; is there something else i can use? it would take about 10 days to get if i order it online. there was something similar made by seachem (paraguard?) that was recommended.

i removed the zeolite/carbon cartridges from the filter. it has two small sponges still in there.

right now i just have the one filter, for a 10-gallon tank. if i move all the fish to a bigger plastic bin or something the filter will be under-sized for the amount of water. is that still better than the smaller tank with an adequate filter?

i don't like this type of filter at all, and would like the outside-the-tank type eventually, but there are none for small tanks.

i'm supposed to be getting a used 15-gallon tank and filter from someone, and was going to put maybe 3 fish in there for now. the tank had fish in there that died from an unknown cause 1-2 weeks ago. is this tank safe to use after drying out thoroughly? or any suggestions on how to dis-infect it?

if/when i move some or all of them, should i move old gravel to the new tank? it's pretty dirty, but i guess it has beneficial bacteria on it.

also the gravel seems to be just random rocks, and i was wanting to gradually replace it in case there are some metals or something in there. some of it looks sharp too.

if i have 2 tanks i can only have the filter w/ the sponges in one. or can i just put a sponge in the new tank w/o it being inside a filter?

sorry i know this is confusing.

water is still testing ok (strips): ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate ~ 10.

the tank is up to 3tsp salt per gallon. (how long should i keep that up?)

fish are doing about the same: some a bit inactive and keeping fins down often, 1 looking pale and inactive, some whitish spots or paler-colored scales, and a slightly fuzzy look to her.

thanks again.

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now my minnow is sick. she was totally fine last night-- active, etc. and now she's bent over on her side lying on the bottom, not moving much. i'm going to separate her and keep 3tsp/gallon salt in her bucket..

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I think it is better to put them in more water and change it frequently, myself, rather than keep them where they are. It seems to me that the current environment is not good for your fish, yes? I am sorry your minnow is not doing well. I do not know how well minnows handle salt (I only have experience with goldies), but if others recommend it at the levels goldies use, you will want to only add 1 teap. salt/gallon on day one, add the second teap. on day two, and the third on day three as to not to shock the fish. I'd look online first, though to see what salt levels minnows can tolerate--it may be different than goldfish.

I looked at the Paragard online, but am not familiar with it. However, it does not seem to contain praziquantel, which is the long name for prazi. If you check the packets of different meds at your local fish store, though, you may find something containing praziquantel even if it is not called prazi. Prazi is very safe to use, if you do find it in a med, I'd try to get something that only has praziquantel in it if possible.. as some other meds may be harsher.

To disinfect the new tank, fill it with 1 part bleach to 19 parts water and let stand an hour or two. Rinse it well a few times. Refill with fresh water and then add a massive does of dechlorinator to get rid of any lingering bleach and rinse another time or two. That's usually what I do to disinfect--bleach pretty much kills most things. Hope this helps...

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