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I would like to announce to everyone that was so kind and extremely helpful to my fish and i in our time of need that Joseph Fish has done a 180%. He literally is blossoming into a beautiful happy Oriana! I listened to everyone about what i needed to do, and honestly the best thing i did was vigilantly change the water in the tank 50% for 4 days straight. Then after that 3 times a week, and now i am down to 2 a week. Hopefully in the next month i will only have to do a 25% water change 1 a week. He is doing so well i purchased another Oriana and they are in love with each other. Her name is Josephina fish. It's crazy how happy Joseph fish is he has completely healed from his ammonia burn and is regrowing missing scales. Thank you everyone for helping with the fish and the water condition!

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