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Fry At 4 Weeks


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Yes, it's great they're looking like real fish. at times I doubted what they were. lol. THey're much easier to care for now. I don't have to worry about sucking them up while siphoning the tank and injuring them when pouring water in. They also eat a lot more and can go longer periods w/out food. In the past I was always worried they starve to death while I'm at work.

These little guys are hard to photo. They're like mini submarines and their tails like propellers that never stop turning. I it was so hard to get good shots. The last pic I took really showed off the tail and from that angle it looks almost like an adult.

I had to skip a water change due to work so I'll do one tonight. Seems like they grow a bit more right after a water change :)

There are about 25-30. They're not much longer then before but boy did they fill out. Grow little ones, grow!

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