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Anything Else I Can Do


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I have a 4 month old fry with the temporary name of bailey He has a calico fantail mother and sarsa comet dad he is my first surviving fry his mother my only female and his his farther is my favorite and oldest goldfish a huge 8"inch so Bailey was selectively bred. {seeing as tho this is my first time breeding I'm proud and he was 1 of only 7} sadly his siblings died of a cold snap in there 20 gallon make shift home of a rubbish bin lol.

I moved him yesterday into a 75 gallon pond with to water plants and a water lilly he seemed happy this morning.

he eats only the best fish foods specially for Fry he is checked occasionally for illness and if he seemingly is ill he carefully watched.

is there anything else I can do for him.

hes a beautiful mostly white,pink patches, blue spot and brown head like his mum just not the brown she has a blue head

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