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Fry And Vacums

the goldfish man

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Fry would definitely get sucked up from using a vacuum. I have really narrow tubing that I used in my fry tank for taking out water for water changes and picking up their poopies. I had to be very, very careful with my face close to the tank and try to avoid the fry. Unfortunately a few did end up being sucked up when I was getting their waste off the bottom of the tank. But out of the 50+ fry I had, only two didn't make it because of being sucked up. And I was doing small water changes about every 3 days for 2 months while the tank cycled. Fry are not strong enough to swim away from the sucking power of a normal tank vacuum. Also fry are not strong enough to endure the pouring of water into their tank to give them fresh water. Water currents can and will bend or break their spines. When I put fresh water back in I used either a large measuring cup and did it very gently or put a large bucket of treated water above the tank and used the tiny tubing to syphon out the good water into the tank. It's not until they are about an inch long that they seem to do ok with a small vacuum.

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