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High Quality Baby Photos

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just a few, but large images, in awesome quality compared to the rest I have tortured you guys with.

These photos feature Tilty and Finny. Tilty is the green, metallic one, Finny the matte calico without tail fin. In some of the pics you can really see what her tail looks like. I don't think this is an injury because I don't know how this could have happened. Plus nothing changed about it ever since I noticed her.

And Tilty is starting to show some very pretty metallic scales :)






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Imo, that's just the distorted reflection! At least I hope so because otherwise it means that Hugo must have snuck out of her tank, visited the teles tank and raped Kupo! LMAO

Skikes, no, those are only half of the survivors. I got two more, smaller ones, which will get their own feature soon too :)

About the deformity, I really don't know how common this is. It is the only one of the fry I noticed had a deformity at all. I had two more that had to be culled very early because of severe bloating. At least that's what it looked like. But other than that, this is the only one with "problems" - although it doesn't seem to be much of one. Finny is just as fast as all the others, and in fact the LARGEST of the four survivors. It is hard to tell in the pics because Finny and Tilty hovered at different depths in the glass, but when they are right next to each other, Finny is about as long as Tilty - even though Finny doesn't even have a tail!!

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Alright here a few more pics. You can see the size difference between them all: Finny > Tilty > Buttons > Trooper

Looks like I'm gonna have three calicos and one metallic.

Trooper to the left, Buttons to the right



Guess which one is Buttons :rofl


Ok, now this one.... THE TANK OF DOOM.

I'm determined to not touch the brown algae and hope it turns green eventually. I am at week three of only cleaning the front glass. This looks so DISGUSTING.

Yes, this is a bare bottom tank. :rofl

Also, the size difference between Hugo and Banana / the fry is much bigger. Hugo wasn't as close to the front of the tank as it seems in the picture.


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omg...I want to scrub your tank!! :rofl

Imagine how I'm itching to do that. The tank looks so horrible, I don't even like looking at it.

I keep forgetting it looks that awful and every time I turn around and look at it I'm like :yikes

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Wow! They's grown so much...and yet they are so small compared to the adults. Congratulations on raising these fry. :Congrats:

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