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My Shbunkin And Commen Gold Fish

the goldfish man

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If they are in a pond, there is little you can do to "help" them. Nature will take it's own course. Commons and shubunkins will breed with each other. All goldfish breeds will breed with any other goldfish breed. If you have them in an aquarium indoors, they should be in something larger than a 30 gallon if you want them to breed(the more space, the better your chances). Fish just naturally seem to sense the seasons, even indoors. I did nothing special with my fish(who are in a 30 gallon aquarium) and they bred like crazy this past spring. But there are ways to imitate spring. You would need to cool the tank down below 68 degrees for a few days and then gradually warm to around 75 degrees. Then feed more than usual and give a wide variety of foods. This just might spark breeding behavior.

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