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Black Spots On Anal Fins And A Torn Tail


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Recently I've noticed my goldfish has started to develop black spots on her anal fins after she swam into the gravel vacuum (For the second time. On purpose. :rolleyes: )

The readings in my tank right now are

Ammonia: 0

Nitrites: 0

Nitrates: 10

I'm worried that they might be what are called ammonia burns, but the ammonia in my tap water has always been high (1ppm) and for the past few months the ammonia in the tank has been .25 (on rare occasions) and 0. I know that ammonia burns can take a long time to develop, but why, if they are ammonia burns, is she just getting them now?

Also, I knew when she swam into the gravel vacuum she had blood-veins in her tail and was bleeding, so I salted to 1(however it's measured according to rules on Koko's)% and left it at that. For a while it seemed like she was getting better.. But now the spots on her anal fins are appearing and it looks as if the place where she was bleeding from has been torn in half horizontally and is bruised.

I'll upload pictures in a minute.

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It's odd, she seems like she's getting sick and all (or at least hurt, with her tail) physically. But she swims around just fine, sucks the top of the water for food just like all the other fish, and the only time she's ever remotely near the bottom of the tank is for food or sleeping..

Here are the pictures:



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It's been about a week, I think.. I could see how it would be a healing scab, but I think she's started getting more little black spots within the past few days.. :(

The only place I noticed her bleeding from was on her caudal fin, where the horizontal cut and "bruise" looking thing is.. It's not a flat spot, like it looks in the picture. It actually has a ridge running through it where it's like a "flap" because it's cut/tore.

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