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Review Of The Oc Pet Fair

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For my birthday my husband took me to the big Pet Expo in Orange County. It was full of amazing stuff and everyone was giving free samples away like crazy. I literally got so much stuff for the pets that I really don't know where all to store it...everything from sprayable catnip to salmon treats. And for the fish, I got free Prime, Stability, Clarity, Safe Start, a 100 Whisper air pump, ammonia and ph test sensors, three huge packs or Marineland brine shrimp gel food, and well, if you haven't guessed it yet, a free fish. Here is a picture of all of my fish bounty before my biggest score.


Anway, walking through the fish area I saw this bigger black oranda with perfect chubby cheeks. I've never been that drawn to black fish before (which makes me okay with inevitable color change), but everytime I walked by the display tank he was swimming and perky. So active. These fish were for display only and not for sale, but I asked the hikari rep if he knew what was happening after the show. He said that was his favorite fish and he wanted it to go to a good home so if I came by at the end he would try to get it for me. And he was nice enough to save it for me (all the other workers were picking fish) and bag it for me to take it home...so cool. It meant a bit of waiting around, but this guy (he has some definate breeding stars) was worth the wait. And you can't beat free! Especially since he is awfully cute and almost as big as Merryweather!

In his bag for the ride home:


Testing out his new QT tank:


That very cute face:


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Oh, it's not the calico oranda you were talking about... I thought it might be. But this black oranda is SO gorgeous, what an awesome find! And I can't believe he was free, how awesome is that?! He will go so well with the other two in your tank. :)


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I love free stuff! I was raised by a very cheap mom and just can't help myself. I never even got into all the goodies for the other pets. Sparrow has enough treats and food to keep him stocked up for a long time (and really good stuff like Honest Kitchen and Stella and Chewy's).

This oranda is one active fish...he stillhasn't stopped checking everything out. He does have some orange under his tummy and chin, so who knows how long he'll stay black for. My hope is that he transitions into an interesting color. His face is super dark and he has the start of poms. I sort of hope those don't grow bigger, but they are cute now. And he has the pudgiest face.

Now I am debating on how to do his qt. He had been in a couple of tanks at the expo. The guy that let me have him, moved him to a different tank where he would be better seen. The two fish in his tank looked listless, so I want to make sure that he doesn't transmit anything. I added Safe Start to the QT and a scoop of gravel from the main tank to try and jumpstart a cycle. So, normally I salt up to .03% and prazi for three weeks pretty much straight. I do want the cycle to hold though because I'm traveling May 11 through the 17th and I promised my husband he would only have to do one water change. Any ideas on keeping that cycle while salting?

So my general plan for a more agressive Qt with this guy is three weeks prazi and salt, four weeks (three days a week) AP food, then an HP dip before he moves to the main tank. Then I always prazi the main tank for a few weeks. Anything else?

Did you guys see his lovely breeding stars? He is most definately a boy. So for names (keeping with my Disneyeque theme) I have:

Monstro (the whale in Pinnochio)

Mortimer (Mickey Mouse's orginal name)

Oswald (the Rabbit from the first cartoons)

Bagheera (the panther in Jungle Book)

What do you guys think? I'm up for any other suggestions as well.

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