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Are They Eating?

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^ Thanks

Some eat and grow and other just dont want to grow. I think the ones that dont grow are meant to be picked off by predators so the larger ones have a better chance of survival. I think that's how it is in the wild.

But in my tank everyone has an equal chance :)

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Here's what I noticed. The small fry just eat until they're full and then they just ignore food completely. The large fry will stuff them self full and then continue to try and eat more by sucking in the bbs, chewing and trying to swollow and sometimes they succeed and sometimes they end up spitting it out.

I have some pics. You can see the difference in size of the stomach.

Small fry belly looks like a little bump when full.


Large fry belly looks like it swollowed a ball.


Here's one of the bigger fry hiding out behind the plant. Check out its stomach, it looks ready to explode


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