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Give Me Your Favorite Gel-good Recipes :o)


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I'm looking to keep Wisco and his new friend on the way as healthy as possible - so if you could shoot me your favorite gel food recipes .. difficult or easy.. my way.. I would appreciate it :)

Thanks so much! :)


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This was the recipe i used for my last batch of Veggie gel food -

1 mug of frozen peas

1 small courgette (zucchini) peeled and sliced

1 large handful of spinach leaves

1 large floret of brocolli stalks removed

three quarters of a pint of water to boil veg

2-3 packets of gelatin or the equivelant sheets enough to make a pint of gel food.

Cook above ingredients until soft. Drain veggies keeping the water to make your gelatin mix. I use a pyrex jug and add the water until i have half a pint. Stir until all gelatine is dissolved. Blend veggies, i use a small amount of the water they were cooked in to get the blend started. Once blended stir in gelatine mix until fully mixed. At this point i used to add to a casserole dish to let it set prio to cutting up and freezing.

I now use ice cube bags that i get from the supermarket. These are self sealing. I use a small funnel to pour mix into bag then let the mix cool. Once set you will have individually sealed gel cubes :)

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1 cup of peas boiled in tank water & skins removed

3 cubes hikari bloodworms

1/2 tin of brunswick no salt sardines

handful of spinach

1/2 a carrot

1/4 clove garlic

half a zuccini (without seeds and peeled)

2 40gm satchels of gelatin

1/2 cup of water

i use tank water to boil all my veggies & keep the boiled tank water to dissolve the gelatin..

then i blend everything with a hand held blender

i use my old hikari trays to refill with gelfood mixture as they are ideally portioned. (i found this very practical)i defrost the daily feed in the fridge of a morning & feed of a night time.

hope this helps :)

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Steamed broccoli and spinach.

Blanched peas, de-shelled

thawed frozen blood worms

Various dry food I have on hand - pellets, brine shrimp, tropical flakes, etc

Mixed in a food processor and mixed with powdered gelatin over low heat for 1-2 minutes while stirring.

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MY favorite recipe or my fish's? LOL

I'm the lazy type. But I make a hugenormous amount of it since I'm feeding 9 goldfish as well as a hand full of tropicals and snail with it.

A variety of pure baby foods (that way I don't need to boil and blend them), usually Gerber 2nd foods WITHOUT DHA. Just the regular kind that only has the vegetable/s and water as ingredients. Each two pack contains 7 ounces of food.

I usually use

2 Garden Vegetables (contains peas, carrots, spinach)

1 Peas

1 Squash

1 Green Beans

1 Carrots

1 apple sauce (for the vitamin c)

3 crushed multivitamin tablets

3 crushed acidophilus tablets

1/6 of a cuttlefish bone, powdered

1 tablespoon wheat germ

1.5 - 2lb fresh fish filet (tilapia, salmon, catfish,.. ) steamed

2 garlic cloves, crushed OR the equal amount of good quality garlic powder (like Badia brand)

I think with this I am using 5 or 6 packets of gelatin. I never remember this part though and have to try until I got it right :D

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