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How To Start The Breeding?

Guest GoldfishBoy

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Guest GoldfishBoy

Hi forum,

I'm new to the world of goldfish and just purchased two of them in a little bowl. I wanted to breed them so I can see the babies, how do I do this?


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Get a 40+ gallon tank, take care of the water, and they MAY breed. Then you need a separate tank for the fry to hatch in and live for a brief while until you can move them to a bigger tank.

Altho the average joe schmo doesn't have a 20 gallon tank for each individual fish that results from one mating, which could be 500+ eggs.

Perhaps you should look into returning your goldfish and bowl, and buying a 10 gallon with 3 guppies (1 male, 2 females) instead.

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